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Commonly Asked Questions

What do i need to start my own website?

To start your own website, you must have following:
1) A registered domain name
2) Web Hosting or Web Space to point your domain to and to host your website pages
3) Content / pages for your website

What is a domain? Who can register a domain? How much it costs?

A domain is a .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .in etc. name that is accessible worldwide from any computer connected to internet. Any individual or organization from anywhere in the world can register any available domain of his choice. The cost of domain registration differs for various extensions of domains. Usually domains are priced yearly, a .com domain costs just under $10 for 1 year.

I have registered a domain, now what do I do?

Congrats! You have just entered into the world of internet where you can create millions of wealth online by selling products or services to billions of people who access internet everyday.

Now, you need some web hosting space to upload your website's content pages and point your website's visitors to, when they type your domain in their computers web browser. You can buy any web hosting package that suits your requirement. The best part is that you are not bound to buy web hosting package from us in any way, you get total NameServers control, which you can use, to point your domain to any web hosting provider's nameservers.

After you have setup domain and hosting, you need to upload the content / pages to your web hosting space with the information provided to you by your web hosting provider. It's great if you know how to develop web pages, incase you don't, you don't need to panic. We offer custom website development for all your needs at the most affordable pricing.

That's it, you are all ready to explore your website to millions on people online.

How can I register a domain?

To register a domain with us, all you need to do is, go to the register domain page, enter the name of the domain that you want to register, click the Submit button. Within a few seconds, you will get results whether the domain name you entered is available or not in various available extentions like .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .in etc. If the domain name is available, click the "continue" button at the bottom of the domain search results page. Now, you will be taken to the account registration page, fill up the registration form with your valid email and contact information and complete the registration process. After registration, you will be taken to the Invoices page, here you will confirm the domain you want to register, and click on "Pay" link. Now, you will be taken to the Add Funds page, here you will find detailed information about making payment by bank deposits, cash, cheque, net banking, wire transfer Or you can also send Money Orders and Demand Drafts to us. We also accept Credit Cards and PayPal payments. As soon as we receive your payment, your domain will be registered.

What is whois? Who is a domain registrant?

In simple words, whois is a database of registered domains, with complete contact information of domain registrants. Domain registrant is the individual/organisation who owns a domain. When you register a domain through us, you will be the official registrant of the domain. You can change / modify domain registrant information from within your domains manage contacts link. This information will be reflected in the whois records. As per ICANN's policy, you must always keep your domain contact information up-to-date.

How to change nameservers of domain?

Please follow the steps given below to change nameservers:
1. Login to your account at
2. Click on My Domains link at left navigation
3. Click on Manage Domain link corresponding to your domain.
4. Click on NameServers Link on Manage Domain page
5. Replace the existing nameservers with new nameservers and submit

How to change whois information of your domain?

Please follow the steps given below to change account information in whois record:
1. Login to your account at
2. Click on My Domains link at left navigation
3. Click on Manage Domain link corresponding to your domain
4. Click on Manage Whois link on Manage Domain page
5. Enter new account information and submit

How to create email account for a domain?

1. Login to the cPanel of your domain. For example
2. Click on the Mail link
3. Click Add/Remove/Manage Accounts
4. Click Add Account
5. Enter the desired email username and password (optionally change the quota)
6. Click on create button.

How to check emails?

You must create your account from cPanel before being able to use the email service.

1. Open following url in address bar of your browser: (replace with your own domain name)
2. Enter complete email address and password in the authentication box. For example,
3. Click OK button to login.
4. If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to setup your email account by entering your name and other information.
5. After login, you will be presented with the options to choose among 3 webmail programs (horde, neo mail, squirrel mail). You may click on any of these to be taken to your mail account.
6. Once you have reached the mail inbox, you can compose and receive emails like any other webmail service.

What is bandwidth and how does it gets consumed?

Bandwidth in simple words is the amount of data transferred from your website to the computers of your website's visitors. For example, if you have a 100KB webpage and it is accessed 10 times by the same user or multiple users, your 100X10 = 1MB bandwidth will be consumed. Depending upon your webhosting package's available bandwidth, if you use up all your alloted bandwidth for a given month, then your website will be temporarily suspended for the remaining days of the month. To reactivate webhosting package, you must upgrade your package to get additional bandwidth or wait for the 1st of next calendar month for the bandwidth to be reset.

How can I change DNS records of my domain?

Follow the steps given below to add/edit DNS records of your domain:
1. Login to the cPanel of your domain.
For example (replace with your own domain name)
2. Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Here you will get the option to add or edit A Records / CNAME / TXT records of your domain.

How to upload files?

Follow the steps given below to upload files using cPanel:
1. Login to the cPanel of your domain.
For example (replace with your own domain name)
2. Click on File Manager
3. Click on icon of public_html folder to open this folder
4. Click on Upload file(s) link
5. Browse your files one by one by click on browse button
6. Click on Upload button

How to upload files using FTP?

1. Open following url in address bar of your browser: (replace with your own domain name)
2. Click on File menu
3. Click on Login As option
4. A dialog box will open. Type username and password of FTP account
5. Double click on public_html folder to open
6. Copy the files or folders that you want to upload and paste in public_html folder

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